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My Mission is to provide holistic alternative methods for healing, helping passionate souls face their shadow and amplify their inner alchemy to go on to create the lives they desire

I vow to always listen carefully to your specific needs & concerns never invalidate your lived experience & craft a holistic program that perfectly suits you.

It's time to stop surviving, and start truly living.


After years of navigating this life unguided through trauma, grief, loss, addiction & incarceration, I decided to take control of my own healing. From learning Reiki, to Hypnotherapy to being mindful of what I put in my body. Everything I offer here is a piece to the puzzle that is my own healing journey.

I have a life I never believed was possible for me. A life full of love, freedom, and joy!

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What is Energy Healing?

It is the practice of tapping into the universal energy field for information and then

making shifts in the individual’s personal energy field in order to help someone

heal of mental, emotional, or physical distress. Because all three of the key aspects

of humanity: mind, body, and spirit, are inextricably linked, when one part gets

sick, the other two sides of that triangle also become unbalanced. Energy healing

heals the whole person, acting through the personal energy field to get at problems

under the surface of the body and the psyche. I am certified in various forms of energy healing and will craft the perfect session for your needs.

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What Clients are saying...

Had an incredibly nourishing and grounding reiki experience with Drea. This session not only put me at ease, but helped to clear away some heavy, stagnant energy I definitely needed to release as we enter the new year. I'm feeling light, balanced, and ready to take on 2021! I highly recommend booking a session!

-Boneza H

Drea is incredibly intuitive and straightforward. She tells it like it is, but with thoughtful compassion and empathy. I've participate in her on-line workshops which I found informative, as well as inclusive. Can't wait for more workshops!

- Kathryn M.

I absolutely love Drea, I am working one on one with her now. She is always there and attentive when I need her. The amount of passion, thoroughness, patience, understanding, loving, and kindness she has is astounding. She takes each clients journey so personally and she really goes above and beyond with her programs.

- Cristina M.


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